Specialist in gel polish and manicure

Welcome to our nail salon. You have come to the right place for good care of your nails. You can visit our nail salon in Helmond (Mierlo-Hout) for a manicure. But I am also ready for you for nail gel polish, gel nails, stamping, nail reinforcement and nail art. You are guaranteed to leave us with perfect nails.

All our products are of professional quality. I enjoy working with the Bo Nail systems and stamping products from Moyra. I therefore always guarantee that you will enjoy your nails for weeks after a visit to my nail salon. Simply make an appointment for a manicure with gel polish via WhatsApp or email.

Gel polish Helmond

With a gel polish you can enjoy your beautiful, painted nails for weeks. You don’t have to touch up your nails, the color and the varnish are guaranteed to stay beautiful on your fingernails for up to three weeks with normal use. You can enjoy a gel polish on the nails of your toes for up to six weeks. The lacquer adheres much better to your nails due to the special way of application. That is why you can enjoy your beautifully painted nails for longer.

How does a gel polish work?

A gel polish is a nail polish that has to cure under a special lamp. We call such a lamp a gel polish, an LED or UV lamp. Because the gel polish is extra hard, it also stays on your nails much longer than normal nail polish. Another advantage of gel polish is that your nails dry much faster with the help of the special lamp. You can have a gel polish put on your own nails, but it is also possible to place a gel polish or acrylic or gel nails.

The price of a gel polish is slightly higher than the price of a regular nail polish. But with a gel polish you can enjoy your nails much longer. We guarantee that you will have beautifully painted nails for at least three weeks, if you choose a gel polish from our nail salon. It is best to have your hands and nails treated with a manicure before placing your gel polish. Ask me about the special combination price of a manicure with a gel polish.

Manicure Helmond

A manicure is an intensive care of your hands and nails. I am specially trained to give a professional manicure. It is a complete care for your hands and nails. After the manicure you can choose to have a nice gel polish applied to your nails. But a French manicure, or another form of nail art is of course also possible.

How does a manicure work?

To ensures soft cuticles we use cuticles oil. This way I can easily push back the cuticles because they have become soft and we can also remove the loose sheets on your nail plate easily and painlessly. Then I file your nails to the desired length and of course also in the nail shape you want. Finally, we polish your nails. Your hands and nails look perfectly groomed.

Extra options with a (luxe) manicure

With a luxe manicure we start by soaking your fingers in a lukewarm hand bath with a little oil. In addition to the basic manicure, you can choose to have your nails painted. I always recommend a gel polish, because then you can enjoy your beautiful nails for at least three weeks. Do you not have long nails yourself, but would you like to? Then ask about the possibilities. We can also place gel nails on your own nails after a manicure. Of course, a nice gel polish should not be missing.

Nail art Helmond

I can paint your nails in any design you want. I am specialized in applying nail art. You can choose a specific theme on your nails. Think, for example, of Halloween, Easter or Christmas. But a creation in a certain color is also an option. In short, a lot is possible.


Do you have a question about, for example, a gel polish or a manicure? Please feel free to contact us. Preferably via WhatsApp. I’m on hand to answer any questions.

Greetings Arina